Sam-I-Am (chingo) wrote in fireofartemis,

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I met another wiccan. I was so happy. I was like oh my goddess I can't believe it, plus she's like in some of my classes. I'm like kick ass. We think a like and she is great. We both want to make this wall of shattered mirror on a wall of our rooms. I didn't think anyone else thought the same way I do. It's great.

I watched two movies this weekend. The CRAFT and Practical Magic. The Craft was kind of silly, I really don't think there helping us come out by making movies like that. Oh and Practical Magic I thought was actually pretty good it has Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, I defeniatly recommend it. UMMMMMM. Lets see. Oh yes if you could give me some of your thoughts and feelings on these movies if you've seen them or not whatever. I'd just like to see how everyone feels.
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